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Alutiiq Oil Field Solutions (AOS) North Slope Operations Center is located directly across from the Alaska Airlines terminal in Deadhorse.

Featuring a 10,000 sq. ft. shop and offices space to support all North Slope field operations, the facility also offers a 150’ by 260’ storage yard. It also features the Sandblast and Coatings buildings which operate year around to accommodate a multitude of projects.

The direct phone number to the Deadhorse facility is 907-659-9846.

The AOS North Slope Coating Facility located in the heart of Deadhorse can accommodate large tanks such as 400 Barrel and Tiger Tanks. This OSHA compliant facility is rated as a Class 1, Division 1: Intrinsically Safe.

Committed to Safety First

Phone: 907.456.4433    Prudhoe Bay: 907.659.9846    Fax: 907.456.4439