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Alutiiq Oilfield Solutions(AOS) offers a variety of industrial oilfield rig matting options including: wood rig mats, composite rig/road mats, and interlocking mats.

AOS also specializes in non-skid flooring products for both large and small projects. We provide durable, safe alternatives for exterior and interior walking surfaces of any size and dimension. There are an unlimited number of uses for our extensive range of products. AOS is ready and willing to work with any customer to offer the best possible matting solutions.

AOS was built by providing hands-on, knowledgeable service and high-quality products to the oilfield industry. We have over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, and are well-prepared to serve customers within and outside the oilfield industry. If you have a need for durable rig mats, floor coatings, or traction/surfaces, check out the available products, and contact our team.

AOS offers professional  support to help our customers select both the products and services they need.

Committed to Safety First

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