Non-Slip Surfacing


Icy, slick surfaces pose a real danger to the people on cold-weather project sites. Reducing these dangers, not only protects your employees and others on site, it increases work efficiency by taking the fear of slipping out of the equation. And, because slips and falls are the number one cause of injuries and Workers Comp claims, you cannot afford to have hazardous walking surfaces on site.

Alutiiq Oilfield Solutions (AOS) provides non-slip flooring and surface solutions to keep workers and others safe on your project sites. AOS sells two Arctic-tested products to increase traction and decrease danger on any surface. Both the XTREMEGRIP stick-on and Alaskatrax double-sided mats use Polyurea Elastomeric coatings covered with Zinc coated steel studs to deliver a durable, safe non-slip surface.

Depending upon your site’s configuration, AOS can identify key locations and smart applications of both of these surfaces. XTREMEGRIP stick-on traction system is the perfect solution to affix to slippery steel floors, running boards, diamond plating, building entryways, platforms and decks, and even the bottoms of your shoes. With the product’s versatility, you are limited only by your imagination when using Xtremegrip.







Committed to Safety First

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