Thermal Spray


On Site Galvanizing and Metalizing

Alutiiq Oilfield Solutions, LLC (AOS) uses thermal spray techniques and equipment to apply metalized coatings in our shop or in the field. The metal or metal alloy coating, supplied in wire or powder form, is fed through a flame (oxygen-acetylene) or electric arc heat source and liquefied. In a process similar to painting, the liquefied metal is immediately sprayed onto the prepared steel surface. The liquid metal cools and dries to form a continuous protective coating on the steel. Traditionally, this application process has been measurably slower than spray painting. However, recent improvements in electric arc metalizing equipment have dramatically increased production rates. With this new equipment, metalizing application rates are comparable to conventional spray painting.

  • Galvanize on site

  • Non skid alloy coatings

  • Stainless steel alloys

  • Aluminum alloy coatings

  • Shaft build up 




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